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Web development is service we offer to our client for managing their presence on the Internet. The Internet is a virtual global marketplace with more visitors in a day than any physical location. We assist our clients in using it as a tool to enhance staff productivity and increase the visibility of their business.

  Internet Presence Development

Establishing an Internet presence is easy. We build standard business websites that represent an organization professionally and reliably. The truly award winning sites are best left to a dedicated web author with experience in art and design. But if you need to get your business up on the Internet quickly and affordably, we can help.  

Intranet Development

We develop Intranet portals on Windows Sharepoint Services technology. What is an Intranet? It is many things, amongst them:

  • A single point for your staff to access all resources necessary to perform their job function
  • A universal bulletin board for announcements and memos
  • A way to host web base applications
  • A method of controlling access to network resources

An Intranet can dramatically enhance staff productivity. As a web based technology, it is inherently remote access friendly. If this sounds valuable to you, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Click here to download a whitepaper on the benefits of deploying Sharepoint, and please contact us for a demonstration of this powerful technology today!

Web application deployment

Considering a web application? Have an existing application that you would like to see Internet enabled? Don't know what Internet enabled means?

We can help. If you would like to give your staff access to important data and applications via the Internet, we can assist you with the deployment and management of such applications.

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