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What is in a name?
What is @dmin*?

@dmin* is a full service network administration outsourcing solution. The asterisk or "star" is a wildcard character which stands for "all" or "everything". To us it means everything which is important to you, the client, everything that keeps your business running smoothly and growing, and everything that technology has to offer to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Rather than aligning ourselves with a specific brand or process, we work for the client and become their ally in technology. Our years of experience and successful client engagements have crafted these service offerings for the "growing small business", a client with very special needs.

The best networks are those which are pro-actively administered using the best tools and published best practices. We strive for perfection so that our clients can be at their best always.


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We are proud to support the Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX, and Linux Operating systems

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